Thursday, November 13, 2008

So, you know that thing I was supposed to be doing this week?

I got sick. Really sick. Like, I-am-going-to-be-praising-God-if-I-survive-the-night sick.

No kidding, I was sure I was going to drown in my own mucus, my head has been that full. I've been sleeping the last two nights with 4 pillows, so as to be semi-upright so I can breathe.

It's always the way. Anytime I make plans to make some headway on the house I get sick, or the baby has a clingy day, or I need to spend most of the day in the car running around after people or something.

Always something.

I know who does it. And I know why.

The enemy knows it frustrates me. He knows it drives my husband crazy. He knows we don't function well in a messy house. He knows the kids are always naughtier, and we argue more. He knows it stresses us out. He knows it impedes hospitality. He knows it keeps us too busy to do anything else. He knows it makes me feel guilty, overwhelmed, belittled and a failure. He knows it makes me even more OCD and he knows the battle I struggle with to keep it at bay and not to let it take over (which results in the most bizarre outcome, but never mind that). He also knows it's a way to isolate me, as I'm too proud and embarrassed to ask for help. He knows it's the best way to keep me uncontented.

He knows it is the best thing to keep us unproductive for the kingdom.

I will get it done. I know I will. As soon as I kick this illness somewhat I'm just going to have to get in there. Write me another list, and set to work crossing it off. I need to find some scriptures to pray first thing in the morning that will help me get motivated, and know that God is on my side, cheering me on, and carrying me through. I'd really love to get a big poster with Colossians 3:23&24 on it and stick it somewhere prominent.

So I'm going to ask all of you something.

What are the scriptures that help you in your mothering/wifing life? What words encourage you, motivate you and help you feel less alone? What should I have scattered around my home in certain places for me to read and lift my spirits and my flagging momentum?

Feel free to bombard. Ask your friends and family, and help a sister out.


cottage remnant said...

I just noticed that we share the same birthday.... although.... mine date of birth was 15 years earlier, and ALOT snowier (is that a word :0)


cottage remnant said...

Ooops! I had another post with a scripture verse, somehow it didn't get sent....
when my lovely little friend "franklin" (one of my cats) is off my lap, I will resend....typung with one hand isn't fun:0)

Counting Your Blessings said...

"If you sow peace, you will reap a harvest of righteousness". Because more than any other ministry, it's my job to raise my children to "be holy because He is holy." Sometimes I need plain-as-day reminders to sow peace.

Blessings... Polly