Monday, November 10, 2008

Make Your Home a Haven.... week

Crystal at Biblical Woomanhood often runs Make Your Home a Haven Monday's, but, you know, she moved interstate, is pregnant, has a three year-old, so it's been on the back burner for a bit. However, Monica at The Homespun Heart is running a week long version.

I adore things like this. Keeps me focused and motivated.

Most people unclutter and fluff during these. I will be you know, cleaning. I'll even take photos, perhaps. It really is quite frightening, my house. Adam and I got fed up with having boxes of miscelaneous stuff still from the move, so in a moment of insanity no, genious no, not quite sure what exactly, we just dumped them all out on the floor, figuring if it's on the floor, we'll be more likely to pick it up.


There is a pile in my dining room that's been there for two weeks.

There is all our laundry in our bedroom. Unfolded.

Please don't look at my kitchen. I know I try not to.

So. My plan of attack looks like this:

Monday: Master Bedroom (incuding sorting clothes and tidying cupboards) and washing laundry. Folding negotiable.
Tuesday: Kids Bedrooms (see above note) & Bathroom/toilet/laundry (including linen press and organising the bathroom cupboards)
Wednesday: Kitchen and Dining Room (including buffet, linen chest and organising kitchen cupboards and shelves)
Thursday: The "Big Room" (including sorting books, toys and picking the rocks out of the decking. My children are delightful)
Friday: Organise the garage for Adam to tackle on Saturday. Put stuff for the dump in an easy to get to place. Separate keep from donate.

Anyone else joining in? I'll post pictures if you will.

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