Monday, August 18, 2008

Oh my gosh, You will not believe what has been happening around here.

I got some photos of the kids. That's the good news.

Eli is now walking around the furniture. That's.... ok news.

Amy did a faceplant off the top bunk, split her bottom lip from end to end and all the way through and knocked out her top front left tooth.

That's the BAD news.

Did you know that the human head bleeds profusely when broken?

Also, I've been mad busy trying to squeeze all our possessions into this tiny house without it looking like we live in a thrift store, Adam is studying like a crazed person to get his diplomas (yes, plural) finished in two weeks, so we agreed I'd be a 'single parent' for a fortnight or so, and to top it all off, I went away for the weekend with the ladies from church for a retreat.

Oh! But I finished Adam's next hundred off. The link is to the side. Also, because I don't have the time to post pictures here on Blogger at the moment, here are the ones I posted on Xanga

*sigh* I promise, really, to put more of an effort into here. And thank you all, for your comments so far... and please accept my apologies for being rude and not responding to the last few.

Monday, August 4, 2008

I have been around

I just haven't had anything to say that was in anyway interesting

Not that today will be any different, but what the hell.

Oh! Adam brought me a camera! It's just a little point and shoot, but as he said, it's better than nuthin' until we can save up for a really good one. (Out of his own mouth came the words "about a thousand dollars." My heart sang. I knew what that meant. It means I'll have to make up my mind between a Nikon and a Canon. SLR, of course. Any input?)

So, once I work out how to get the photos off it and onto my computer, I will update the pictures of the kiddies. And Adam. And me. Perhaps.

We took the kids to the Wildlife Park today. It was such a happy little family day. We'll do it again.

I have some interesting (to me) topics to discuss over the next little while. Still hashing them out in my head. A couple of heart wrenchers on the conundrum of parenting... desperately wanting to discourage things like, you know, standing, and the pride that they can actually, you know, do it... a few befores and afters as I redecorate (kinda) the bedrooms (I'm actually going to put beds in them. Imagine that!) and maybe, perhaps a few little bits and bobs about my journey to becoming a house wife. Not a better one. Just one. That should be fun, considering I uh... SUCK.

See you then if you dare!