Monday, August 4, 2008

I have been around

I just haven't had anything to say that was in anyway interesting

Not that today will be any different, but what the hell.

Oh! Adam brought me a camera! It's just a little point and shoot, but as he said, it's better than nuthin' until we can save up for a really good one. (Out of his own mouth came the words "about a thousand dollars." My heart sang. I knew what that meant. It means I'll have to make up my mind between a Nikon and a Canon. SLR, of course. Any input?)

So, once I work out how to get the photos off it and onto my computer, I will update the pictures of the kiddies. And Adam. And me. Perhaps.

We took the kids to the Wildlife Park today. It was such a happy little family day. We'll do it again.

I have some interesting (to me) topics to discuss over the next little while. Still hashing them out in my head. A couple of heart wrenchers on the conundrum of parenting... desperately wanting to discourage things like, you know, standing, and the pride that they can actually, you know, do it... a few befores and afters as I redecorate (kinda) the bedrooms (I'm actually going to put beds in them. Imagine that!) and maybe, perhaps a few little bits and bobs about my journey to becoming a house wife. Not a better one. Just one. That should be fun, considering I uh... SUCK.

See you then if you dare!

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Meg in Tally said...

I think being a good housewife is over-rated. After 25+ years of marriage I'm not much of one, still! Once in awhile there are glimmers of hope that I will one day...but those glimmers fade fast!

Just be a good mom. That's what's important in this season of your life!

Looking forward to seeing updates on your new house and those kid's!