Friday, June 27, 2008

Family Fun Night

Troy turned 8 yesterday. Wow.

We went ten pin bowling, and I wish we owned a camera. It was hillarious. Drew and Bethany's balls were so agonisingly slow down the lane, because basically, they put it on the ground and pushed. Watching their pins fall, as my brother Rob put it, was like watching an octogenerian lay down from standing up. Funniest thing about it was that they ended up with pretty good scores.

Troy managed to bowl a strike. Man, that kid knows how to celebrate. I think the professional bowlers (talk about making you feel lame) in the lane next to us thought it was pretty cool too.

We'll definately do it again. It was a fairly expensive little outing, $50 for three kids and three adults, but I think judging by the lights in the kids eyes, we'll have to afford it more often. I asked Rob who he thought was having the most fun, the kids, or the adults watching the kids. We couldn't quite decide.

Highlights included:
Troy throwing the ball behind him
Me falling over
Rob managing to get a gutter ball with the bumpers up
The look of pride in Drews face when he got a spare when he only had one pin to hit
The way Bethany would jump up and down as her ball slooooowly made it's way down the lane
Adam's 3 strikes and 4 spares (he's so chuffed)
Eli laughing and giggling the whole time
Amy trying to stand up, but was standing on her dress, so she headbutted the floor three times.

You so wish you were there.

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kristy mae said...

I do so wish I was there!
Hi! :)
I got here from a comment you left on Jen's blog.
It's nice to "meet" another sister in Christ.
Hope you have a great day!